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Unwanted wildlife can cause devastating damage to your home and yard if not properly treated. wildlife control is essential when you want to protect your biggest investment, your property. Looking for a quality wildlife removal solution “near me” – please allow us to find the best local service provider to deliver a free quote to you today.

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Unwanted wildlife problems need to be solved fast – pests such as rats, mice, squirrels, raccoons and opossums not only cause devastating damage to your property and cars, they spread a range of deadly diseases to humans. If wildlife infestations are left untreated the damage bill will mount up and your health is at greater risk.

If you have found yourself asking who is the best wildlife exterminator or relocater, then look no further.

All the local pest control technicians within our network are trained, licensed and experienced in wildlife removal and where necessary, extermination.

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Need unwanted wildlife safely removed and relocated or exterminated?

Wildlife in your home present numerous potential issues from both a health and safety perspective or damage to your home.

Unwanted wildlife in your home can eat through your drywall, chew your wires (creating a fire hazard), sometimes die in the roof or wall cavities, leaving a foul odor or keep you awake at night constantly running across the rafters.

Aside from the pests in your home, there are potentially bigger nasty creatures in your yard or neighborhood that need capturing and relocating and in some cases, exterminating.

In most cases you will need to call a professional pest controller to make your home and yard safe from these pests, who are mostly just looking for food, water and some place to hide.

Whether it’s a groundhog, raccoon, opossum, skunk or squirrel (or even bigger pests), these guys are damaging critters and need to be moved on.

Our professional pest controllers have experience dealing with all kinds of critters, from snakes and lizards to coyotes and even bears. Obviously there are many of these wildlife creatures that are protected and we need to get them back to a safer environment for both you and the wildlife creature itself.


Other specialties

Different type of pest problem? Our network of pest control technicians specialize in all manner of pests in your city, including Ant control, Bed bug control, Bee control, Bird control, Cockroach control, Fumigation, Commercial pest control services, Mosquito control, Spider control, Rodent control, Termite control, and Wildlife control.

Keeping Homes Pest Free in Chewey, OK

American Wildlife Pest Facts

Rats and mice damage bill adds up

  1. Rats do more than $20 Billion damage to the US economy every year plus they ruin enough food to fee 200 million people every year. Now that is a pest.
  2. The common house mouse is the most populous rodent and is a form of wildlife you really don’t want in your home. They eat your food, chew your shoes and leave faeces everywhere they go, spreading filth and disease. They also breed faster than rabbits, with a single mouse able to produce 15 litters a year, each with 10-12 offspring.
  3. Norway rats were introduced to the US in 1775, so they have been here since the beginning and they are now everywhere.

Raccoons look and act like bandits

  1. Raccoons – the bandits of the wildlife family, both in looks and habits – can live up to 16 years, although their average lifespan is estimated to be 2-4 years.
  2. In the fall months raccoons will try to find secure, safe shelter to reside in over the coming cold winter months. Raccoons are also attracted to homes and properties while foraging for food and water. They have become increasingly reliant on humans for food, which is the reason for increase in sightings and invasions.
  3. Raccoons are mammals that are part of the procyonid family. Raccoons are generally found outdoors in wooded areas near a water source, however they have now become a common problem in urban environments.

Skunks do more than create a stink

  1. Skunks take up residence under a house for the primary reason of shelter. If it is a female they will likely to build a nest and have a litter of babies in a place that’s dry, quiet and protected.
  2. The skunk “spray” is actually highly flammable, aside from smelling like death. That’s not the point, but a result of the chemicals in the spray. Either way. Phew.
  3. On occasion skunks have caused serious damage to a home’s structure when they make a determined effort to find a safe space to live. Beyond the simple need to replace screen or siding. Skunks have also been known to burrow under solid foundations, potentially causing thousands of dollars in damage if the foundation and the associated structural elements were to crack or shift. 

Bats are usually classified as a pest species due to their habits of living in houses. The most common complaints include the following:

  1. Bats living in the attic
  2. Bats living in the chimney
  3. Odor due to bat droppings
  4. Bats swarming around building
  5. Loose bat stuck inside home

For these reasons, many people wish to have colonies of bats removed from their home or commercial building. This is a specialty service.

One thing to be very clear about; under no circumstances should you ever try to trap them.

Bats carry rabies and If you are bitten by one, it can make you very, very sick and can even be fatal.

Let experts defend your home and remove unwanted wildlife!