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Trapped in your home at night by Mosquitoes?

If you need a mosquito control service, we can help. 

The pest control specialists in our national network can take care of all your local mosquito control needs. Work with operators near you who have:

  • Many years’ experience
  • Safe services for pets & children
  • Eco-friendly pest control services
  • Free Inspection & Detection
  • Expert Technicians
  • Local Experts
  • Custom Treatment Plan
  • Satisfaction Guarantee

Let us protect you and your loved ones from all mosquitoes by applying a barrier of protection around your entire yard. Our technicians will treat all outdoor living areas; shrubs, mulch, trees, patios and decks are treated with a mosquito control solution. This solution kills on contact and acts as a protective barrier to keep mosquitoes out of the yard. 

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Let local experts rid your yard of mosquitoes


Mosquito Barrier Treatments applied every 21 days deliver the best results for your home and can be customized to your requirements.

  • Kills mosquitoes and their eggs on contact
  • Products are safe for people and pets
  • No lingering odor or chemical residue
  • Services and pricing based on size of the property
  • Organic and Botanical options are available

Commercial Mosquito Applications

Free estimates for business owners. We want your guests and patrons have mosquito free enjoyment at your place of business.

Special Event Mosquito Treatments

Stop those pesky mosquitoes from crashing your special event at with a 1-time application of our local technician’s mosquito barrier treatment. The treatments are normally deployed around 36-48 hours prior to the event to allow for plenty of (mosquito-free) setup and preparation time and of course enjoyment at your special event.

The surrounding area

Our network of pest control technicians specialize in all types of pest problems in the area surrounding your city, including Norge, Oklahoma, Chickasha, Oklahoma, Alex, Oklahoma, Rush Springs, Oklahoma, Cement, Oklahoma, and more!

Mosquitoes are more than just a pest.

Almost everyone has experienced an annoyingly itchy mosquito bite, which is not much fun. However, did you know that these pests can also spread dangerous diseases like malaria, yellow fever, West Nile, and Zika? They can be deadly.

Mosquitoes love still or standing water. Domestic or commercial properties often harbour areas of moisture that mosquitoes provide the ideal breeding grounds. Homeowners and business owners with the following in their yard are most prone to mosquito infestations:

  • Blocked drains, gutters, downpipes
  • Bird baths
  • Pot plants - even plants like bromeliads
  • Kid’s toys
  • Fish ponds and water tanks
  • Water troughs
  • Stored items such as tires, buckets and pipes – anything where water can pool and rest.

Emptying out the water removes the mosquito breeding site however, you need to look at how the water got there in the first place and determine if will it return once you have gone?

You can’t be there every day to tip it out.


Other specialties

Different type of pest problem? Our network of pest control technicians specialize in all manner of pests in your city, including Ant control, Bed bug control, Bee control, Bird control, Cockroach control, Fumigation, Commercial pest control services, Mosquito control, Spider control, Rodent control, Termite control, and Wildlife control.

Keeping Homes Pest Free in Ninnekah, OK

Mosquito Facts

Mosquitoes are tough critters

Mosquitoes have been around a really long time – ever since the Jurassic Period in fact. That makes them around 210 million years old – given a male mosquito’s life span is only around 10 days, imagine how many mosquitoes have ever lived on this planet.

Mosquitoes are considered the world’s deadliest animal, directly responsible for the deaths of more than one million people every year. Most of these deaths are in Africa and mostly from malaria. This was the same disease believed to have killed Alexander the Great.

A mosquito can drink up to three times its body weight in blood. Don’t be concerned though as it would take more than one million mosquito bites to drain all the blood from a human body. 

Make your mosquito treatment more effective

  • Eliminate and reduce mosquito breeding areas by replacing all standing water
  • Change water in bird baths weekly
  • Clean your pet’s water dishes regularly
  • Keep your landscape trimmed and cleaned from unneeded vegetation or trash
  • Clear roof gutters of debris
  • Properly dry and store swimming equipment and accessories
  • Allow the areas that we treated adequate time to dry before watering.

Nine fun facts about Mosquitoes

  1. Mosquito is Spanish for “little fly.”
  2. Only female mosquitoes bite
  3. West Virginia has the fewest species of mosquitoes. Texas has the most.
  4. Sweat helps mosquitoes choose their victims
  5. Mosquitoes can smell human breath
  6. Mosquitoes spend their first 10 days in water
  7. Mosquitoes don’t have teeth.
  8. Mosquitoes can't fly very far or very fast
  9. There are more than 3,500 species of mosquitoes – about 175 types in the USA.

Why are mosquitoes considered a pest in?

Mosquitoes are two winged, bloodsucking flies that are disease carriers. They feast on blood to obtain protein for egg production, often spreading disease to the host… which could be you.

That noise your hear? Adult mosquito’s wings beat at 200-300 times per second creating a high-pitched whine that has you in a nervous panic to find it. They are not fast but still often heard before they’re seen.

A mosquito usually needs water to complete its life cycle. This can range from kids toys in the backyard full of still water to drains and water tanks right through to to large lakes or salt marshes. Some mosquito eggs can dry out completely but still remain viable for considerable periods, waiting for the necessary moisture to complete the larval stage. They are extremely resilient pests.

Let experts defend your home against mosquitoes!