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Commercial Fumigation Services

Pests cause considerable damage to stored goods and commodities , which can be mitigated by our commercial and agricultural fumigation services

  • Fumigation of stored goods
  • Fumigation of bagged and bulk agricultural commodities (e.g. cereals, cocoa, coffee, peanuts, pulses, tobacco) in silos, stacks and warehouses
  • Fumigation during or prior to shipment
  • Disinfection of empty holds
  • Denaturation and coloration
  • Fumigation of cargoes loaded in barges and other vessels, containers, trains and trucks
  • Biocide treatment of cargoes
  • Treatment of agricultural commodities against insects and mites
  • Disinfection and fumigation for the food and beverage industry
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Commercial fumigation solutions


Insects can adversely impact your business. Contaminated products impacts quality, ability to sell and then there is the added cost of disposal of damaged goods.

Prevention is better than treatment. Our national network of professional service providers have developed a range of fumigation services to mitigate risks and to stop damage occurring and at the same time protecting the environment and people.

From pre-shipment to in transit, and bulk/bagged products to port services, our team of skilled fumigation experts uses proven techniques, materials and equipment to treat, or prevent insect infestation problems. Our mobile teams work quickly, efficiently and professionally to ensure swift and reliable intervention, as well as ensuring compliance with local and international treatment regulations.

The surrounding area

Our network of pest control technicians specialize in all types of pest problems in the area surrounding your city, including Norge, Oklahoma, Chickasha, Oklahoma, Alex, Oklahoma, Rush Springs, Oklahoma, Cement, Oklahoma, and more!

Fumigation is the best method of eliminating bed bugs and drywall termites.

Families, when invasive and destructive pests need to be removed from wall voids or bedrooms, often use fumigation.

Major targets are usually the elusive bed bug and drywood termites.

The gases used for fumigation are dangerous to humans, so “tenting” is often used in the treatment process. Tenting makes sure those gases stay where they are supposed to be.

There are no leftover fumigants once the treatment has been completed. The gases used in fumigation dissipate quickly when the tent is removed. No harmful gases will remain in the structure.

The gases used during fumigation release into the atmosphere and do not harm the environment. They also do not harm surrounding wildlife, nor do they deplete the ozone.

Drywood termites cause an estimated $500 million damage to US homes every year, while bed bugs cause huge amounts of infections, anxiety and loss of sleep to their victims.


Other specialties

Different type of pest problem? Our network of pest control technicians specialize in all manner of pests in your city, including Ant control, Bed bug control, Bee control, Bird control, Cockroach control, Fumigation, Commercial pest control services, Mosquito control, Spider control, Rodent control, Termite control, and Wildlife control.

Keeping Homes Pest Free in Ninnekah, OK

Fumigation Facts

Import and Export Services

There are a vast range of services to protect business operators who import and export goods:

  • Quarantine and pre-shipment treatments
  • Treatment of products against insects and mites
  • Treatment of bulk and bagged products in stockpiles, silos, warehouses, trains, trucks and containers
  • Vessel fumigation “in transit”
  • Cockroach/rodent control onboard vessels
  • Disinfection of empty cargo spaces
  • Port to port services (fumigation at loading and service at arrival)
  • Fumigant removal and disposal
  • Gas free measurement: concentration assessment of shipments, safety monitoring
Fumigation is not a “one size fits all process”

Fumigation it is a targeted process to eliminate particular insects and rodents.

  1. Your home is carefully prepped and sealed tight as long as necessary to hold the fumigant and kill the targeted pests.
  2. The space to be treated is filled with fumigant. It makes its way throughout your home, seeking out every target pest
  3. Every single target pest dies, no matter where it is hiding and potentially eating away at your home.
  4. The tape or tarp is removed. The fumigant completely dissipates and does not leave behind surface residue or living termites or other target pests.
  5. You come home to a pest-free environment
It’s no circus in this big fumigation tent

Unlike a circus tent, fumigation tents are no fun for the uninvited guests inside. Aside from being deadly to various pests such as bed bugs and termites, the gases are also harmful to humans. Tenting makes sure the gases stay where they are meant to be.

The gases used are EPA approved, non-corrosive, non-staining and non-flammable. Once the fumigation treatment is completed, your home will be just like when you left it, minus the pests that were there before the big tent arrived.

There are no leftover fumigants. The gases quickly dissipate into the atmosphere and no harmful gases remain in your home. The gases also do not harm nearby wildlife or the ozone layer either.

Should it stay or should it go?

If you find yourself asking; “What things can be left inside my house while it is being fumigated”, the answer is fairly straightforward.

If it is not food and it is not alive you can leave it where it is. The most important thing is to remove your pets, including fish from the premises prior to fumigation. They will not survive if you don’t.

You also generally need to remove food, medicines and plants although it is always best to speak in detail with your specialist technician to ensure you keep your family safe while your pests are eliminated from your home.

The gases used won’t leave any residue on your clothing, so you won’t need to wash your clothes, furniture or any other fabrics.

Let experts fumigate your home or business against pests!